When others see waste, we see resources.
Wai Mei Dat Recycling Company Limited owns factories from all over the world with over 100,000 square meters of area. In which, the facility will run to classify and process tons of recyclable materials in the most efficient way.

We provide material recycling solutions that are economically and environmentally friendly to elevate the recyclability of metals.
 Laos Metal Material Development Sole Co., LTD

In order to maintain our pioneer position in environmental-friendly technology, we have established Laos Metal Material Development Sole Co., LTD in 2015, occupying over 900,000 square meters and staffing with more than 1,000 labors. The factory is devoted to employ the use of high technology in every aspect of electrical waste recycling and metal refining to ensure resources can be used in the most sustainable way. Upholding the value of people orientation and environment first, we introduced advanced technology from the Western countries to elevate the standard of metal.
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