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Wai Mei Dat Group was founded since 1994. Our company has continually evolved and takes pride in its high quality of service and the caliber of its management team. We provide material recycling solutions that are economical and environmentally friendly to world-wide organizations and private companies.

Our Service
Wai Mei Dat Recycling Co. Ltd.
Provide environmental recycling and e-scrap processing solutions to elevate clients’ return on precious metal.
Wai Mei Dat Trading Co. Ltd
Act as the primary liaison to both suppliers and clients. Pay visits to them regularly to understand their requirements.
Wai Mei Dat Logistics Co. Ltd
Maintain a high level of trucks to transfer containers safely from container terminals to warehouses.
Wai Mei Dat Container Co. Ltd
Offer hundreds of quality containers that are sufficient to transfer materials from container terminals to warehouses in spite of fluctuating shipping demands.
Our Values
Regulatory compliance - as part of their duties and obligations, all staff are to pay close attentions to the rules and regulations of governmental entities.
Resources optimization - nature has the greatest valuable asset offered to the man-kind. All staff are cultivated to appreciate and make good use of natural resources. They are trained to maximize utilization and minimize waste in their daily tasks and work activities.

Regulatory compliance Resources optimizatio
Pollution minimization - we make all efforts to reduce environmental pollution, including gas, water, noise and solid waste.
Customer satisfaction - in the pursuit of excellence, we offer unmatched quality of service, products at competitive price and timely performance to all of our clients.

Comply with Regulations Optimize Resources
Quality assurance - we see quality as the critical factor to our success. We invest and train our staff to ascertain this important concept and assist them to see it in their success too.
Continuous improvement - we evolve and stand against the test of time. We shall succeed in this changing world.

Assure Quality, Improve Continually
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